Pointer Dean chats up co-ed

Nothing a redesign can't fix
Tina Brown reads
own magazine, gasps.

Dave Eggers
No trouble getting
laid these days.

NYT Magazine's
"What They Were Thinking"

What Were They Thinking?

A nation in mourning
Was coverage of
Frank Lalli's death excessive?

NEXIS Crashes
Journalism grinds
to halt.

TNR: Beinart out,
Gore 3rd in
Younger, more Gore
editor in the catbird seat.

Posted 4:02 a.m. ET Feb. 2, 2000

Modern Humorist's
Wednesday, February 2, 2000

More defections from Brill's Content
Steve Brill is leaving his eponymous magazine for an assistant editorship at
dELiAS.com, the youth-oriented e-commerce venture. Brill tells MediaNews: "I've enjoyed my time at Brill's Content. My departure is amicable; there is no truth to the rumor that I wasn't getting along with myself. This is just an opportunity I couldn't pass up." Candidates to fill the top spot at Content: Tony Brill, Brenda Brill and Brillworth T. Brill (no relation).

Kurt Andersen invited to book party
Keith Kelly reports the
Powerful Media chairman may be leaving his brownstone to attend the release party for a new book. "I'm not sure if I can make it," Andersen says. "It's Once and Again night."
EARLIER: Wine, cheese to be served
Hirschorn: I might drop by
Andersen: If Hirschorn goes, I'll go

Rosenthal staying busy
In addition to his opinion pieces in the
Daily News and his upcoming gig for oldpeople.com, former New York Timesman A.M. ("Abe") Rosenthal will be scrawling a column on the side of a brown paper bag that he will hide under his bed. The column will be between 700 and 750 words, says Rosenthal's cleaning lady, and will be untitled. The first installment will concern tomatoes, and how hard it is to find good ones in the winter, or female genital mutilation.
Frankel: "He's still a prick"

Black Tail lands former Shaved and Ready editor Giliberti
After six years at the No. 3 shaved-fetish magazine, Stan Giliberti is packing up his razor and taking the helm of Black Tail. The African-American-themed
stroke mag has been steadily losing market share since the departure of Kate Betts to Harper's Bazaar. Giliberti has previously worked at Juggs, Granta and Mother Jones.

Old cartoonist dies in Midwest Beloved by hundreds, an old cartoonist for a small Midwestern paper is dead. The cartoonist, known for his stinging but warm caricatures of local politicians, also wrote witty captions. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1942, 1946, 1961-1967, 1969, 1970 and 1998. (Last item)
EARLIER: Bil Keane still alive

Coverage: Merger coverages to merge Reporters covering the AOL/Time Warner merger and the Warner-Lambert/AHP merger announce their intentions to merge their coverage. The proposed merger will free up 45 column inches every day, allowing for added coverage of cold snaps. "This is the season for 'em," says NYT's David Barstow. The merged merger-coverage entity will be called US News and World Report.
MUGGER: Merger!

EDITOR ASSAULTED IN OWN OFFICE: Joan Lunden and her bodyguard were arraigned on charges of assualt and battery after allegedly roughing up McCalls editor Sally Koslow and vandalizing her ergonomic chair. Newsday reports Lunden became enraged after a recent McCalls cover shoot ran two hours too long. Koslow then threw a pile of money at the blond pitchwoman. Lunden said at a press conference outside the 12th precinct, "Bitch think she all that."
EARLIER: Mixed reviews for former GMA host's new album

Shakeup at US: Citing intense consumer demand, Jann Wenner announces plans to take US magazine daily. It will be renamed ME.
Read Rolling Stone's trenchant interview with Stephen Dorff
Sen. John McCain: "I can spot Wenner a mile away"

Idea of Alex Kuczynski's firm thighs haunts Michael Wolff
Upon learning that statuesque, "
Valkyrie-like" media reporter Kuczynski was a swimmer in college, Michael Wolff writes, "I can't stop thinking about her. She's so pretty." The NYMag critic admits to riding his dirt bike past the Times building three times a day, and insists, "She'd really like me if she knew me."
Wolff: "I have an idea for a new media company"
EARLIER: Wolff: "I have an idea for a new media company"

Inuit press scoops Toronto Globe and Mail on incremental glacier movement
In a coup for the scrappy indigenous people's daily, the Nunavut Democrat-Gazette uncovers news that the Upper Baffin Bay ice shelf has moved one full inch since the last readings were taken three years ago. G&M glacier editor admits, "We got caught flat-footed on this one."

Nation relaunches with color Editor Katrina vanden Heuvel emails, "Uh, we've been in color since 1996."
EARLIER: Nation devotes special issue to campai— zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
EARLIER: Wolff tapes picture of Kuczynski's face onto Heidi Klum's body

WSJ portraits to include facial imperfections
Celia McGee reveals that the Journal's front-page halftone illustrations will now depict the boils, moles, nose veins, eczema patches and uni-brows so common among the business class. "We need to stand out from the
Barnes & Noble portraits," an art director explains. "Sumner doesn't have the porcelain skin of a Brontë sister."

Salon launches "Whores Who Think"
Carl Swanson emails link to really funny Mahir site
Eggers: Still getting laid
MUGGER: My kids are funnier than this
Kurtz: Media full of assholes
Assholes: Media full of Kurtz
Otis Chandler: I'm not wearing shoes!
Kausfiles: NYT wrong on welfare, marinara sauce

This site is a parody of
Jim Romenesko's MediaNews. It used to be "gossip." Now it's news. How odd. Click here for the names of those responsible. Nothing in this Modern Humorist parody should be mistaken for the truth. Except the Rosenthal thing. Swear to God.

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