Night of the Cotillion

"Since our marriage is a farce, a celebration would be hypocritical. A small wedding with the immediate family in attendance is all we require to put the seal of legality on our affair for your parents' benefit. Under the circumstances everyone will understand our reason for keeping it simple, and with your father in the hospital we'll be spared the idiocy of a honeymoon."

"You have it all laid out like a battle plan. Every opposition is anticipated in advance." Her stomach churned sickeningly as she stared at the ruthless man who was soon to be her husband. "Like General Sherman, you destroy everything in your path until you achieve your objective. After Sherman reached Savannah and the sea, he remained only a few months—or was it two or three—then he turned his armies in another direction, seeking another victory elsewhere."

"Nothing lasts forever, Amanda," he said bluntly, not at all upset by the sarcastic sting of her voice. "You can reconcile yourself to the fact that in a few months you'll be free of me and my plundering Yankee ways. What's a few months out of your young life?"
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