Kona Winds

She glanced up as two men entered the area from another part of the house. One of the men was tall, towering over the second shorter and broader man. It was the tall one that caught Julie's interest.

His hair had the color and sheen of rich mahogany, growing thickly to his collar. The white material of his shirt was stretched across the set of his broad shoulders, then tapered to the trim waistband of his dark trousers. He looked remarkably fit—in excellent physical condition.

The shorter of the two men spoke. "Ain't no work to do on a day like dis. Dem Kona winds are bad," he said in an enchanting kind of local Pidgin English.

"Yes, I know, Al. Those Kona winds never bring anything good." As if sensing a third party was listening to the conversation, the tall man made a leisurely turn and looked directly at Julie.

Even though she had been caught accidentally eavesdropping, there wasn't a shy self-conscious bone in her body. Since her presence had been noticed, she continued her descent of the steps. The white of her slacks gave her a long and leggy look. Her lemon-yellow pullover top had three white bands at the waistline, which completed the outfit.

"Maybe dem Kona winds will blow all away by tomorrow," the shorter man commented.

"Maybe. I hope so, Al." His gaze never left Julie.
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