The Travelling Kind

Combing her fingers through her hair, she looked out the window and sighed contentedly.

"What was that for?" His glance was curious.

"I guess it was an expression of pride in my home state," she shrugged because she wasn't entirely sure what it had been. "Idaho has everything."

"Is that right?" His tone was faintly mocking.

"It's true," Charley insisted. "On the road toward Salmon, we have the Grand Canyon in miniature. East of here, there are sand dunes. And Shoshone Falls outside of Twin Falls, Idaho. The water there falls farther than the waters at Niagara Falls. There's the Snake River Canyon and the Salmon 'River of No Return.' I could go on and on."

"I noticed," he chuckled in a way that gently teased her.

"Well, it does have everything." She laughed at her own enthusiasm.

"I wouldn't dream of arguing with you," he replied and reached out to link his fingers with hers. A warm tingle of pleasure ran up her arm at his gesture of affection and closeness.
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