The Bride of the Delta Queen

Except for the Crescent City of New Orleans, nowhere did the modern face become more evident than at Baton Rouge. The highrise buildings of the city proper marked its center. On either side of the river loading terminals lined the banks with oceangoing ships of every description. Some were being unloaded and giant cranes were loading others. Selena left her comfortable deck chair to walk to the railing for a better look.

"Baton Rouge is the farthest inland, major port in the States," said Chance, appearing at her side.

Selena found the scene all too fascinating to object to his presence. "It's an impressive array of ships, but why are they all flying the American flag? Surely they can't all be American ships?"

"It's a courtesy to fly the flag of the port nation. The flag of the ship's country is on the stern," he explained.

"I see," she nodded. "There's one from Holland," she pointed.

"The next one is from Glasgow, Scotland, where the Delta Queen was made."

Selena faced him in surprise. "The Delta Queen was made in Scotland?" she repeated. "I didn't know that."

"Yes, the steelwork for her and the Delta King was fabricated in Glasgow and temporarily assembled on the River Clyde. The parts were all marked, then torn down and shipped to California where she was reassembled and finished. But it was the same shipbuilding center in Scotland where the Queen Mary was fitted out that this riverboat had her start," he concluded.

"Amazing!" she breathed, and looked back at the freighter from Scotland.
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