That Boston Man

They made the Freedom Trail tour of Boston, starting out at Christ Church or, as it is better known, Old North Church, where two lanterns were hung in its steeple in 1775 to signal that the British were coming "by sea." From there they moved on to Paul Revere's house, the oldest standing structure in downtown Boston, past a statue of Samuel Adams to Faneuil hall, the "Cradle of Liberty," and then made a stop at the Boston Massacre site, by the Old State House, seat of the Colonial government.

At every place Lexie was forced to watch Rome escorting the beautiful Claudine, explaining the historic significance to her and laughing at her comments. She should have taken advantage of the situation to question Edmond Martineau more closely but she hadn't the heart for it. It seemed so terribly unimportant.

She stared into the window of the Old Corner Bookstore, seeing her strained features in its indistinct reflection. There was no feeling of history there for her, no thought that once the literary greats such as Emerson, Hawthorne and Holmes had possibly looked in the very same window when they had made it their meeting place and made Boston "the Athens of America."

Another reflection joined hers in the glass pane and Lexie stiffened. A further glance saw none of the others in the party, only Rome standing alone behind her. She knew she couldn't risk a personal discussion. She had long ago discovered that when you can't defend you should attack.
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