Big Sky Country

The architecture of the old buildings was predominantly Romanesque. Stone arches and columns combined with frieze and cornice and heavy timbers. The car was turning around another corner, leaving Last Chance Gulch to pass the Great Northern Depot which once, before the earthquake, possessed a tall clock tower. Then Jill's attention was caught by the Moorish style of the former Shrine Temple, now the Helena Civic Center.

"What are you thinking about?" Riordan interrupted the silence again.

Jill could feel the cool touch of his eyes, but kept her gaze centered on the lighted street. "The city, its history," she shrugged.

A shiver danced over her skin as she wished she had never met him, or been momentarily entranced by his arrogant harshly handsome looks.

"Really?" was the aloofly disturbing reply.
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