North Carolina
That Carolina Summer

"That's up the coast a few miles," he remarked, waiting until she was seated before he sat down, his long legs nearly touching hers. "Is this your first trip to North Carolina?"

"Yes. We flew in a couple of days ago. So far we haven't done much sight-seeing, but we have a whole month." Annette disliked his questions. They were too simple—too polite. She wouldn't get anywhere this way.

"We?" Josh inquired blandly.

"My family—dad, my stepmother, Kathleen, my sister, Marsha, my little brother, Rob, and myself." Annette knew it made her seem even younger to be vacationing with her family. She took impish glee in naming them all. "Where's your home?"

"Here. I'm a native Tar Heel." Josh looked up as Annette heard a set of footsteps approach the table. She glanced over her shoulder and recognized the blond-haired waiter walking toward their table. It was Craig, the one who had flirted with her at the pool the previous afternoon. He appeared startled to see her, whether because she was with Josh Lord or because of her juvenile hairstyle, Annette couldn't tell.
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