Boss Man from Ogallala

"In a way, I hope a lot of people don't discover this place," she mused. "I don't really mind tourists coming to visit it and taking horseback rides along the trails once ridden by Red Cloud and Crazy Horse. I just don't want it becoming all commercialized. So much of the flavor of the old fort is still here that I wouldn't like it to change."

"American people are learning that there are some things that can't be exploited for their monetary value, but should remain unchanged so that future generations can appreciate their individual aesthetic value." Flint glanced down at Casey, a smile curving his mouth. "And that is as solemn as I’m going to get! It's a beautiful evening, an inspiring location, and most of the time, enjoyable company. I refuse to spoil them with discussions of the meaner side to the human race."

His hand rested on the back of her waistline with remarkable nonchalance, considering the havoc it wrought with her stomach as it turned upside down. Flint changed the subject, but Casey couldn't really concentrate on anything of any depth. She was too totally aware of him as a man.
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