New Mexico
Land of Enchantment

"These lava flows come from the eruptions of Mount Taylor and El Tintero. Their liquid fire spread southward, killing every living thing in its path and destroying anything else. Occasionally the river of lava would split into two streams and leave an oasis of green trees and grass, puny island remnants of productive land. Eventually the lava hardened, but usually from the outside, leaving the lava flowing within to create caverns and ice caves. In places, the roofs of these caves are paper-thin. One step on top and a man could fall through with never a way out. The human eye cannot detect the difference between the solid rock and the treacherous roofs."

Diana shuddered expressively at the picture he painted.

"Still, it is only one small patch in the whole of New Mexico." There was quiet amusement in his voice. "Just a few miles from the malpais is Acoma, the Sky City. Not far from that is El Morro National Monument. There you can see Inscription Rock, where the early Spanish explorers carved their names. I suppose you could call it an early form of graffiti."

Laughter rolled easily from Diana's lips and with more freedom when Jim Two Pony joined in with her. Her blue eyes registered their pleasure when she met his dark gaze. This new camaraderie was a welcome change and one that she enjoyed very much.
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