Reilly’s Woman

"How in heaven's name did you wind up in Las Vegas?"

"The usual way. Dad was transferred to Nellis Air Force Base when I was in high school. I had graduated and just started a secretarial course when his orders came through for Alaska. I wanted to finish my training, so for that reason, and because it was time to leave the nest, I stayed."

"The lure of the bright lights?" Grady mocked.

"Not a bit. I'm very happy being a secretary," she stated positively. "I have no desire to be an entertainer of any sort. The work is too hard and the hours are too demanding."

"That's true enough," he agreed. "Are you like the rest of the Las Vegas residents, rarely stepping inside a gambling casino unless you work there?"

"Exactly!" Then she qualified her answer. "When new shows open or a favorite celebrity of mine is appearing, I do go then. But on the whole, I leave the casinos for the tourists and the gamblers."
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