The Thawing of Mara

With a turn of his head, Sin was looking directly at her. His gaze seemed to lock with hers. Despite the spaciousness of the luxury car, Mara was vibrantly aware of his close proximity. His arm was stretched along the back seat, his fingers inches from her shoulder. The broad expanse of his chest seemed to offer its use as a hard pillow for her head. A feeling of intimacy threatened to swamp her.

She wrenched her gaze from his to stare at the road, her lips tightening in anger. "Stop looking at me that way," she demanded.

"What way?" Sin questioned blandly.

She couldn't answer that, so she changed the subject. "In the afternoon, the rebels attacked the right flank of the Union army north of Gettysburg. They succeeded in routing the North and driving them through the streets of Gettysburg. But instead of keeping the Union soldiers on the run or taking the high ground of Cemetery Ridge, the Confederates withdrew and regrouped to wait for Lee, who was several miles away when the battle started."

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