South Dakota
Dakota Dreamin’

"I was cleaning out a closet this week and ran across a couple of boxes pushed way to the back. You'll never guess what I found in one of them," Edie stated and didn't make them ask. "Old snapshots of our trip to the Black Hills. They are on the buffet table behind you, Alison."

The distraction was one her daughter sought, and she reached back to remove the packet of photographs from the bureau top. "That old Brownie camera took good pictures, didn't it?" she remarked after she had glanced through the first couple of snapshots. "How old were we, mom? Oh, Jerry, look at this one!" she laughed and instantly handed it to him.

"I think you were eight and Jerry was fourteen," Edie replied.

"You were a bean pole then," Alison teased her brother.

"You were pretty skinny yourself," he retorted good-naturedly.

"Look! This is really a terrific picture of the four faces at Mount Rushmore!" Alison handed him another. "Here's one of the buffalo herd!" As she continued to pass the snapshots on to him, Jerry would sneak a bite of food and lay his silverware down in time to take the next one she handed him. "We had so much fun on that trip," she sighed.

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