Green Mountain Man

There was a glitter of impatience in his gray green eyes as if he found the polite conversation a waste of time. His hand, large and well shaped, wrapped itself around the side of his coffee mug.

Bridget searched for a noncommittal response. "There isn't any place quite like Vermont." An inane comment under the circumstances with the air crackling around her, charged with emotional undercurrents she tried desperately to ignore.

"Vermont, hell!" Jonas muttered. "I came back because of you." His hand snaked out to engulf hers before she could pull it out of his reach. "I had to come back to see if we still had a chance together."

The enveloping warmth of his grip burned, flames licking all the way up her arm. It took all of her self-control and resolve not to be swayed by his nearness.

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