For Mike’s Sake

A beautiful wilderness beach stretched invitingly along the shore.

"Boy, this soup sure warms up your stomach," Mike declared.

"Tastes good, doesn't it?" Maggie sipped the hot liquid in her mug.

The breeze remained cool and a thickening layer of clouds shut out the warmth of the sun. She eyed the mat gray sky and glanced at Wade. Perceptively he read her thoughts.

"I checked the weather a few minutes ago. There's a front moving in—overcast skies, cooler temperatures, but very little rain is expected with it," he reported.

"That's pretty normal for the area, isn't it?" she smiled.

The Olympic Mountains to the west sheltered the islands in Puget Sound, as well as Seattle, from the brunt of weather fronts moving in from the Pacific.

The mountains divested the clouds of most of their moisture, keeping the rainfall inland to nominal amounts. Few storms of any intensity ever reached the protected sound.

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