West Virginia
Wild and Wonderful

Glenna paused beneath a tree and leaned carefully against its rough trunk to gaze through vee openings of its branches at the sequin-studded sky. The shawl was hugged tightly around her, not in defense of the slight chill but to hold onto the enchantment of the scene.

Unbidden, the opening lines of a song came to her mind. "Almost heaven," she unconsciously murmured them aloud. The sound of her voice echoed in her ears, stirring her to the realization that she had spoken her thoughts. Straightening from the tree trunk she glanced at Jett. He was watching her, his stance relaxed. "Do you remember the song 'Country Roads'?"

"Mmm." It was an affirmative response.

Glenna wandered to the edge of the shadow the tree cast in the moonlight. The ground beneath her feet was uneven so she moved carefully.

"West Virginia is my idea of 'almost heaven,'" she explained softly while her gaze continued to admire the night sky and the soothing night sounds.

"Is it?" Jett came up behind her, stopping at a point near her right shoulder. "The slogan on the license plate is a more apt description of West Virginia—wild and wonderful. Or is that your idea of 'almost heaven'?"

She sent him a sidelong glance, angled slightly over her shoulder. "Perhaps. But I've never attempted to define it."

His head inclined slightly toward her. "What's that perfume you're wearing? That fragrance has been tantalizing me all evening."

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