Darling Jenny

The magic silence of the falling snow filled Jennifer with a mystical sense of going back in time. The foothills of the mountains closed in around them, their tops hidden by the low cloud cover. She didn't even have to close her eyes to capture the feeling of long ago days.

"Can't you just picture what it was like years ago?" Jennifer whispered very low, almost fearing to break the spell. "Before cars and civilization moved in?"

"Mother Earth," Logan agreed quietly. "With all the untouched beauty of a virginal girl. Would you have enjoyed being a pioneer?"

"Only if I were a boy!" She grimaced playfully at him.

"So you prefer being a liberated woman." His eyes danced teasingly over her face.

"You don't object, surely?" With a merry glint in her own eyes. "Or are you a male chauvinist?"

"Those are fighting words in Wyoming, girl." Logan eyed her in mock dismay. "Has your education been so neglected that you didn't know Wyoming is the 'Equality State'? This was the first state in the Union to grant political, civil, and economic equality to women back when we were still a territory. You'll find that Wyoming men know the value of a good woman, not just as a housewife and mother of our children, but as a person to stand by our side."

Jennifer remained silent when he finished, stunned by his unexpected endorsement of the female species.

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