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We will be properly opened for business very shortly, but in the meanwhile, please take some time to get a sense of how we intend to bring our unique sensibility to the Internet, and of the exciting ways in which both will be transformed in the process. We trust you’ll find it smart, sophisticated and, as always, not for


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Guaranteed Profits on Wall Street
James Surowiecki on the secret stocks that have a 95% chance of rising in price in the next 30 days!!

Annals of Free Disneyworld Vacations
Tracy Kidder on a surprising e-mail tracking program

Britney Spears Nude XXX Pics *Free*
Fiction by Nicholson Baker

Joe Klein on the five-cent e-mail tax

Adam Gopnik on "Le Trek Etoile"

Nick Hornby on the classic pop purity of midi files.

• "Maus Droppings," "Little Shit," "The Wild Farty" and more Doodie Flash animations by Art Spiegelman.

• Two kings walking down a hallway (requires Quicktime)

David Denby's "Great Yucks : Superfriends, Elian, Rabbis, and Other Indestructible Wassup Parodies."

ShoutsBot 1.0. Our proprietary software scans newspapers from two weeks ago and generates stilted but basically readable 700-word satires. It's the next best thing to Christopher Buckley!

View an excerpt from our upcoming comic opus, "My Fake Life." It is sure to be controversial!

Web Exclusive Cartoons
by Roz Chast

The John Seabrook Webcam
Click to see what the author of "Deeper: Adventures on the Net" is doing right now.


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