Performed by Wilson Hall and Krister Johnson

Blowin’ in the Wind | A performance featuring the original lyrics (MP3, 1.1MB)
James Bond | Mr. Bond’s introduction, pre-editing (MP3, 80k)
James Bond 2 | Bond’s original beverage of choice (MP3, 80k)
Alka-Seltzer | The onomatopoeic advertisement as first conceived (MP3, 268k)
Bull Durham | Kevin Costner delivers a slightly different speech (MP3, 308k)
Jimmy Carter | Lusting in more than his heart in this clip from the unedited Playboy interview (MP3, 528k)
Casablanca | The famous catchphrase as you might not remember it (MP3, 48k)
Dirty Dancing | A thoughtful quote from this ’80s favorite (MP3, 80k)
Dirty Harry | The original Harry Callahan — a loose cannon with loose marbles (MP3, 216k)
Slinky | A less springy theme song for this favorite toy (MP3, 192k)
Can’t Buy Me Love | An early instrumental demo version of this Beatles classic (MP3, 1.5MB)

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