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Q: What is Passover?
Passover is one of the more popular holidays commemorating the Hebrew exodus from Egypt.

Q. So Charlton Heston was Jewish?
A: Yes.

Q: What about Christopher Columbus?
Only on the High Holidays, when everyone was looking.

Q: Is Passover the same as Easter?
A: Virtually, except the charming rabbit imagery is replaced by a lingering obsession with the slaying of the first-born.

Q: When does Passover begin?
A: Passover normally begins on April 20th. However, since the Jewish religion prescribes a "jumbling of the [dates]" every year or two, it’s often a few days earlier or later.

Q: What is a Seder?
A: A Seder is a religious ceremony during which the Passover Story is reenacted and put to music. Tickets are first-come, first-served, and there is a three-cup minimum.

Q: What are those big crackers?
A: Matzoh is an unleavened bread which Jews are required to eat during Passover because it takes up less space at the table.

Q: Does it have any historical significance?
A: Yes – it was the food eaten by Jews when they left Egypt in such haste that there was no time to order Chinese.

Q: Is it really true that Jews eat more Chinese food than other peoples?
A: No, but as stereotypes go it’s pretty innocuous.

Q: What did Rabbi Eleazar ben Azaryah mean when he said, "I am like a man of seventy years old, yet I did not succeed in proving that the exodus from Egypt must be mentioned at night until Ben Zoma explained it: ‘It is said, "Remember the day you left Egypt all the days of your life;" now "the days of your life" refers to the days, [and the additional word] "all" indicates the inclusion of the nights!’"?
A: I think you’re getting off topic.

Q: On all other nights we keep good posture at the table. Why then, on Passover, do we recline at the table, dip our food in salt water and eat bitter herbs and matzoh?
A: That does seem odd.


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