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"US weekly has found that, contrary to our report last week, Tom Cruise remains an active and committed member of the Church of Scientology and that he has neither said nor hinted at anything negative about Warner Bros.' forthcoming film 'Battlefield Earth.' We stand corrected."

—US weekly, May 15, 2000

Contrary to our report, John Travolta did not say of "Battlefield Earth," "Man, I need an alcoholic beverage. This movie blows." What he said was, "Man-animal will never get leverage on a Psychlo." We will have an update when we figure out what this means.

Contrary to our report in the last issue, Tom Cruise does not stand on a phone book whenever he and Nicole Kidman are photographed together. Instead, she stands in a hole.

In yesterday's edition we reported that Kirstie Alley hasn't felt good about herself since "Cheers." We have since learned that she wakes up every morning grateful for a new beginning and for her daily counseling session at the Scientology Celebrity Center.

When we said, "Anyone who likes 'Dharma and Greg' ought to have his head examined," we were not specifically endorsing psychiatry. We apologize for any distress this misunderstanding caused Jenna Elfman.

We recently wrote that Giovanni Ribisi regrets having played a retarded man in "The Other Sister." We meant "The Mod Squad."

Yesterday we reported that Mimi Rogers and Anne Archer don't have careers. We stand corrected: Anne Archer has a career.

Contrary to our report, Greta van Susteren is not an Operating Thetan (Level III). She is a legal analyst for CNN (Level IV).

Our use of the word "enjoyed" in the statement, "audiences have not enjoyed a Juliette Lewis movie since 'From Dusk Till Dawn,'" was unintentionally misleading. We should have used "seen."

In a profile of Isaac Hayes, we wrote that he worries that "South Park" is giving kids too many engrams, or bad memories. We want to apologize to Mr. Hayes, who has since informed us that he is nothing but ecstatic over the success of "South Park," the fruits of which he generously shares with such worthy charities as the L. Ron Hubbard Center for Learning and Growing.

We would like to retract last month's report that Priscilla Presley believes her first husband is still alive. She doesn't, not anymore at least.

We recently alleged that the following passage was incomprehensible nonsense:
A young girl, with sonic recall, but with extended hearing and such a complete imbalance of the endocrine system that she had become an old woman at twenty-two, was worked for seventy-five hours before she contacted anything in the basic area. This is almost incredible but it happened. In a patient with sonic shut-off and off his time track, seventy-five hours of work would just about get the wheels greased. But this girl, having sonic recall, should have been well on the road to being clear and she had yet to touch basic-basic.

Actually, it is a passage from page 291 of "Dianetics." We stand corrected.

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