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           I wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the lovely get well gift. The teddy bear is most cuddly and brings me great comfort during the worst times.

           The pain appears to be ebbing ever so slightly, but perhaps that is just the Vicodin, lovely little pill that it is. It could be the ravages of age, but this pain is worse even than when Karras caved in my nose during my preseason with the Lions, or when Archie Moore so ruthlessly pummeled me during our sparring match. Yet I regret nothing—I was so compelled to experience a mere dash of "Britneymania" I don’t know that wild horses could have kept me from taking the Garden stage with your dancers during the sublime "Hit Me Baby One More Time." As you know, rehearsals went fabulously well, but during the live performance, as I executed the "slap-slap, turn, spin, kick-kick, turn, split" sequence, I felt it tear.

           The doctors say the pull is "massive" and that apparently the muscle of the groin region simply "folded up like a window shade." Indeed, as you say in your card, it is fortunate that my screams were drowned out by those of your devoted following (justifiably) hailing your every move, for the journalist, even one who gets so close to his subjects as I do, should never become the focus of the event himself.

           I have made space in the Review for your interview. I feel it is the proper time to expand our borders beyond poets and writers and critics to include other important artists such as yourself. I would conduct the interview myself, but I fear that the Vicodin (as pleasurable as it is) has left my mind too dulled to do the work justice. Rushdie has stepped forth and volunteered. We shall see...

           I was disappointed to read in your card that you will not be able to visit, for you manage to bring light to whatever room you enter, and I am certain that healing’s course would be much shortened by your presence, but rest assured that I will endeavor to take your salutation to heart and always, "keep it real."

 Massive hugzzzzz in return,


Martin Amis | Norman Mailer | George Plimpton | J.D. Salinger | Camille Paglia

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