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The following opinions were drawn from the "user comments" on the Internet Movie Database. They are meant to help others decide whether a film is worth seeing.

"This may not be a date movie for some people, but it certainly gives hope on your marriage that you are desperately trying to hold on while at the same time wanting to let go every day."

"Jacob's Ladder is not a horror film but if you consider yourself to be an extremely analytical person such as myself, then this one could be mentally disturbing. I relate 100% to this film because I had a bad trip back in '95 and ironically enough that was the first time I saw this film...this movie boils down to one thing and that is to simply enjoy your life while you can. That is exactly what this film expressed to me in relation to my episode, and due to Allah's will I am alive today to relay that message."

"I just saw this movie for the first time, and it blew me away. I'd read in Time magazine that Trent Reznor watched it several, several times during a period of depression, and having just gone through such a period, I thought that I'd check it out."

"this is simply great movie! i always see Robin Williams in the same place with YES singer Jon Anderson, creating great things, but underestimated because most people are not ready for what they do...Of course this is not a film for people who likes kickboxer VII or blood fight XXVII, works in some great firms, eats hamburgers and other fast crap, uses drugs or cigarettes to toxify themselves or never trusts their own fathers. Hmmm, but i'm afraid they are majority..."

"My first impression upon seeing it was the simplicity that carries the story past understanding, and into a state of complicity with the viewer that dissolves fear. It made me come to terms with the dark, noisy loneliness and all dark things I’ve brought with me since childhood."

"So—makers of 'Boys...' Good job, and stop beating up on us men, and please stop making up fantasy conditions of women as 'boys in skirts' or some other version of men in order to strengthen your own lives."

"The part where the clone Pikachu keeps hitting the real one, and the real Pikachu just stands there and keeps taking it, is quite possibly the most moving and meaningful scene I've ever seen in a movie. And get this: the scene where the tears of Pokémon bring Ash back to life actually had me crying, and I, as a general rule, don't cry."

"There are so many parallels in this movie to a short portion of my life (except Harlan and his demise). In 1971 my best friend and I traveled 60,000 miles in 6 months in a '67 Camaro not a '66 Bird top down all the way. She was Thelma and I was 'Louise' driver. If she is out there in Southern California somewhere, I'd like her to know that I lived happily ever after."

"Believe it or not, I just saw Fast Times At Ridgemont High for the first time. I thought it was really good! ... I have a friend who looks just like Spicoli and he loves this movie. Ray Walston is also very funny as Mr. Hand. (ironically, my last history teacher was just like him. How creepy is that?)"

"After watching 'Notting Hill' with my wife and giving her a big hug, I saw that she was just a girl, standing in front of a boy, wanting to be loved! What greater joy of meaning can be given by a film? 'Teach me the Magic of Wonder, Give me the Spirit to Fly'—John Denver"

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