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JESUS DRAWS JURY DUTY in the trial of a black man accused of robbing and killing a young white couple and leaving their bodies in shallow graves along a deserted country road. The evidence is largely circumstantial, the defense incompetent, and Jesus finds his mind wandering during the complicated testimony from expert witnesses. Nevertheless, he understands the gravity of the task at hand when the judge tells the jurors that a guilty verdict for first degree murder will likely result in the death penalty.

JESUS and the other jurors would take less than an hour to convict. Then the whole crew, alternates and all, would get bused over to Fuddrucker’s, where the politically ambitious prosecutors would buy platters of cheese sticks, and toast every one of them as citizen heroes. Late into the night, Jesus would drink strawberry daiquiris through a straw and do the bump with the elderly forewoman as Earth Wind and Fire plays on the juke box. Then, after nine years of costly appeals and a critically-acclaimed "Frontline" documentary, new DNA evidence would exonerate the death row inmate, and another man would confess to those murders, as well as a half-dozen others. When questioned by a reporter for the local paper, Jesus would point to the eventual discovery of the real killer as proof that the system works.

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