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Internet celebrity Mirsky goes undercover and enters AOL's chat rooms armed with a provocative question. Rather than use his regular AOL screen name (Mirsky12in), he assumes an alias so that the presence of a celebrity won't derail the chat room conversation. The resulting transcript, edited slightly for readability, is posted below.

Note: In order to avoid lawsuits and to prevent AOL users from recognizing themselves, Mirsky has altered each screen name by one character.

Chat Room I: Twisted Sick F4F

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food."
—George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

LV098: i love watching my mom in the nude

Muffy975Y: so who is going to provide vivid details?

Dramabull3xxx: HELLO

CasperMMMM: any rubber or latex lovers in here?

PLATINUMFIT: i am so horny. does anyone want to cyber


Eezy414: 24/f very nasty. im me


Muffy975Y: figgures a male would jump right in there

Kgb7121: i.m me too!!!

CasperMMMM: any rubber or latex lovers in here???

Tomy Hilfig09: 18/female/self nude pics. im me. very very horny and sick

Muffy975Y: Ls, you like to peek at your mommy?

LL098: yes i do muffy

Stud Boy434: hello

Muffy975Y but as a nudist, isn't that shameful?

LL098: maybe a little

IAtiN LeVeR 702: 22/bi f las vegas looking for bi fem in or near vegas

Stud Boy434: 15/bi/F

SxPlosive4U01: < wants golden shower and anal w/ strap on

CasperMMMM: any rubber or latex kitties in here?

JK4dolley: hi ladies. 19/f

Muffy975Y: well, Sx, I could provide the liquid right now

Merskie: Does anyone know how long it takes to cook pasta?

JK4dolley: about ten minutes

Muffy975Y: 3 to five minutes

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