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"[Tiger] Woods has a $100 million,
five-year endorsement deal with Nike."
—Associated Press
conceived by Rick Moranis; illustration by Pat Broderick

Send This Horrifying Image to a Friend!

1. If you're using a PC, and so many of you are, right click on the image above. If you're using a Mac, click on the image and hold that button! Either way, a menu will pop up.

2. From that menu, select "Save image as..."

3. Save the image to your hard drive the way you would any other, less hilarious file. Be sure to name the file something short and easy to remember. "mhrules.jpg" would do.

4. In the email program of your choice, send an email to your friend and attach the image.

5. Hit "Send."

6. Wait for the thank-yous to pour in.

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