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THE MAGNIFICENT GALLERY you've entered is three stories high and one-half mile long. This was Mr. Trask's breakfast nook. At the turn of the century, Artemus Gordon Trask was the richest man on six continents and a close personal friend of the richest man on the seventh, whom he later slew. Trask built his billion-dollar fortune from an inheritance of just nine hundred million by cornering the world market on slag. Slag, as you know, is an essential ingredient in the conversion of naphtha to coal tar. But Trask was above all an American. "Nothing gives me a warmer feeling," he wrote, "than seeing a five-year-old white boy and a little Negro child working side by side in my factories and slag pits." For more information about Mr. Trask, you might want to read "American Satan" by Daniel Boorstin, "The Despot of Slag" by William Manchester and "My Hero" by Bill Gates.

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