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I have this great idea to be Dracula for Halloween but can't remember which guy he is. Is he the one with the bolts on his neck or the pins in his head? What does he look like anyway?

marcustee (expert in television and movies)
He looks like an adult Eddie Munster. You know, white face, fangs, wears a tucks and has a pronounced widow's peak.

bears_dt (expert in television and movies)
Neither. I suggest that you rent a Dracula movie to see how he looks and sounds. You can also check out The Count (a Muppet character) on "Sesame Street".

aldonza00 (expert in television and movies)
The important thing with Dracula, is that although he is frightening, he is quite sexy.

MJT0812 (expert in horror movies)
Bolts on his neck.

In the 70s, I used to give out pennies to trick-or-treaters. That seemed to be enough then. But you know inflation. I gave a nickel in the early 80s, a quarter after Reagan, and it's been dollar bills since '95. What's right to give in the new millennium? I'd hate to fall behind the times—even more than I'd hate to give out candy.

antdavies (expert in economics)
If you gave 1 cent in 1970, to keep pace with inflation (inflation averaged just over 5% from 1970 through 1999), you should have given 2 cents in 1980, 3 cents in 1990, and 4 cents in 2000. Your pattern of giving exhibits a whopping 117% annual adjustment. If you continue to adjust at your current rate, you'll be giving $6 in 2010, $28 in 2020, and $137 in 2030.

StockPickingWiz (expert in finance)
It's quite appropriate to give to the same charity directly by sending a cheque, rather than have loose change at the door to give to the kids. In the end, it all goes to the same place. That's what I do.

Mom said I cant be Santa for Hallowwen. She said Santas special for Christmas. I want to be Santa. Will you call and say Santa is OK. This is my number 942-9726. Mom will pick up.

adellewright (expert in parenting)
You may need to listen to your mom, Santa is special and respresents a very special day. Why not try to wear another costume such as a reindeer, Rudolph is a special reindeer with his lighted nose or be a snowman or maybe an elf.

lunacat (expert in K-12)
Santa "is" special for's kinda like his birthday, as it is his special day to do what he feels is special...and that is to give. It would be like if you had a special day...maybe like your B-Day and all of the kids that you invited decided that it was their special day also. What fun would that be for you? Not much, I don't think.

Name Withheld (expert in parenting)
Mommy is very right santa is special and it is only a few weeks to Christmas so moms not being mean to you, she just wants you to enjoy christmas and shes probably thinking all those scary faces on halloween may scare santa and we dont want that now do we.?.

Name Withheld (expert in parenting)
You should NEVER give out personal information on the websites you visit. Most people out where are like me, just trying to help you but there are a few bad people who might try to look for you through phone number. Don't ever list that again. I have alerted the people about it being on the site and I hope they will take it off.

grandmommy (expert in parenting)
What is the area code?

runaround (expert in children)
I need to know your area code.

I have a dentist's appointment on the 31st. Will the dentist do anything weird because it's Halloween?

Name Withheld (expert in dentistry)
Halloween is in the eye of the beholder. It is basically now a children's holiday. No, it should not affect the prosfessionalism of the dental team and the treatment rendered to you. However, some of the staff may just provide a little joviality to the day by wearing some silly costume. This will not in any way downgrade or upgrade your treatment. It will still be done with expertise. Have a good one!!!

I used to like to throw eggs on Halloween at smart kids' houses. But I don't eat meat any more and I feel bad throwing eggs. Those could have been baby chickens! What kind of vegan stuff is good to throw? I'm already thinking Cadbury eggs.

knowitallchef (expert in vegetarian cooking)
NO!! Too expensive!
Better make small water balloons with tofu yolks.
Half cooked fresh beets would be good...leave a nice stain.

rugfemme (expert in vegetarian cooking)
You may also consider applesauce in tightly tied ziploc bags that will explode on impact (as applesauce is a nice healthy pseudo-alternative).

janlam11 (expert in vegetarian cooking)
You sound like you've really started making some adult decisions in your life, like becoming vegan. Those are huge steps of awareness. Now how about you grow up a bit more and throw NOTHING. Novel idea, don't you think? Be a rebel, show you can enjoy the holiday without being distructive in any way. I have found vegetarians, by nature, are kind and gentle people for the most part. Sharing their good fortune of a healthy lifestyle and doing as little harm as possible. How about you go out "Trick or Treating" for charity or even DONATE your time to an animal shelter. Many animals get frightened during this holiday and become homeless. Do your part to not only not throw "baby chickens" but do some real good.

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