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Dan Paleeza (BA, Chemistry, '86) is a doctor of something in Manhattan, and you've never seen anyone more pleased with himself.

Just as you predicted, David Breckinredge (BA, Geography, '87) and Susan Thompson (BA, Home Economics, '89) got married right after college and constantly embarrass their three children by using baby talk in public.

Mitch Press (BS, Rocks for Jocks, '88) already has retired thanks to the stock market. He is perfectly aware he was two years behind you in school.

Vernon Chan (BS, Biology, '87) passed you on the street in Manhattan last month but quickly looked away so you wouldn't recognize him and draw him into an interminable conversation.

Stephanie Morley (BS, English Lit, '87) almost never thinks about you these days, though when she does, she remembers fondly how silly and young she was when she said she loved you. She and her husband, Prince Don Carlos, live in their villa in Florence.

Rick Pizzoni (BA, Eugenics, '88) says that he's really surprised that he hasn't heard anything about you, since you always seemed to be so talented and have such a promising future.

Detmer Walsh (MA, Ornithology, '86) isn't doing too hot, but he plans to keep calling until either you return one of his messages or he catches you in.

Janelle Adelburg (PhD, Hotel Management, '88) always goes to all the alumni events you skip, tells everyone the story of that one date you had, then asks if you're out yet.

Pat Benatar (Lindenhurst High, '71) says even she was a little embarrassed for you at the way you danced in the aisle during her 1984 "Battlefield" tour, but she figured you were stoned or something.

Sylvia Greenspan (BS, Scientology, '87), whose current whereabouts are unknown, really dug you and was just waiting for you to ask her out, by the way.

Too bad you wasted all that fruitless effort on Janet Kriegel (BS, Hygiene, '87), who is now a nightclub publicist in Manhattan.

Jacques Derrida (Philosophy, École Normale Supérieure, '56) writes in to say he still disputes your interpretation of his book Of Grammatology, in Philosophy 301, and contends that your B-plus was completely undeserved.

Dennis Mandrake (BS, History of Health, '90) thinks you were totally, totally one excellent dude, and still admires you. In other news, he's coming to town next month and needs a place to stay.

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