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"Since Phish is quitting for a while, what will become
of the band's gypsy fans,
many of whom first
followed the Grateful Dead?" — Newsweek


To obtain a position following a band whose success depends more on word-of-mouth, gatherings and counter-culture significance than record sales.


1977 - present

Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

Pursuing Degrees in Anthropology, Musicology, Music Appreciation, English, Classical Guitar and Finance.

Expected date of graduation: May 21, 2009


14 Oct. - 8 Nov. 2000  


Ralph Nader Presidential Campaign, US

Followed populist candidate on presidential campaign tour.  Unflinchingly supported candidate in spite of near-infinite number and variety of insurmountable obstacles.  Made frequent condemnations of "corporate power," "the system."

1994 - 14 Oct., 2000 

Phish, US

Joined millions of rebellious adolescents and directionless adults as a member of large, loosely organized semi-nomadic collective.  Was responsible for

  • nightly intoxication
  • spinning in euphoric circles
  • splitting open and melting, when appropriate
  • maintaining interest and some consciousness while reading nearly one-fifth of Trey's college thesis, The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday.
  • Dreadlocking, scoring miracle tickets
  • knowing true meaning of "wash Uffitzi, drive me to Firenze"
  • 8 May, 1997  

    Black Crowes, Toad's Place, New Haven, CT

    Mistakenly responsible for Chris Robinson's stash until backstage pass and nearly half of stash were returned to rightful owner.

    1977 - 1994    

    Grateful Dead, US

    Followed innovative, gifted musicians out of sheer love for music (and periodic ennui).  Responsibilities included

  • nightly intoxication
  • stumbling
  • tie-dyeing
  • bringing false sense of order to meandering, interwoven set lists
  • experiencing the most awesome synchronicity
    1998 - present

    Working Assets

    Donated percentage of telephone bill to charity.

    1977 - present

    Bus Driver

    Provided transportation in VW micro-bus in exchange for up to $674/year in barter (grilled cheese sandwiches, ambiguously erotic massages).

    1980 - present

    Burlington, VT, Burlington, VT

    Frequently visited Burlington, Vermont.


    Outstanding capacity for blind obedience. Extremely patient. Excellent stick juggler.  Above-average tolerance to most Class D narcotics. Ability to go long periods of time without showering. Extensive knowledge of Gamehendge mythology.  

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