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If you’re like most Americans, you’re still juggling a separate cell phone, e-mail pager, organizer, MP3 player, e-book reader, CueCat and karaoke party machine. That’s why this year’s must-have is Raspberry: the tech toy that does it all… and then some.

MP3 Player
Ever wonder if that person with the headphones on is listening to better music than you are? Activate RipperPlus and if anyone within 20 yards is listening to a good song, Raspberry automatically transfers it to your MP3 player. If someone’s listening to a bad song, Raspberry erases it from their player.

Attach the BrainSync electrodes to your temples and Raspberry senses the song you have stuck in your head, then cues it up as an MP3 and plays it endlessly, saving you the trouble.

Use CueKing to scan the serial number of a dollar bill, and Raspberry automatically generates a chapter of a new Stephen King novella.

Get more information with HotCat. Scan Katie Holmes' name and see a picture of Katie Holmes. Scan John Ashcroft's name and see a picture of Katie Holmes.

BrillCat fact-checks magazine articles
more thoroughly than the
magazines themselves.

scans any Talk magazine article and determines what part Gwyneth will play.

Personal Assistant
MirrorBot. Raspberry’s built-in personal high definition digital camera automatically broadcasts images of the user to a satellite, which bounces them back to your screen for real-time viewing.

Hate it when someone’s cellphone rings during a movie? CellSilencer detects the distracting chirp and instantly drowns it out with a 100-decibel claxon.

Global Positioning System
By reading radio signals from two different satellites, Raspberry’s GPS can pinpoint the exact location of a third satellite.

Use the SynerGPS plug-in to find the shortest distance from the theater where you just saw "Cast Away" to the nearest bookstore selling the novelization, then to the special issue of Entertainment Weekly with Tom Hanks on the cover.

Optional BPS technology gives your position relative to any Baldwin (accurate within 10 yards or two Baldwins).

Interactive Technology
You already know that whipping out a gadget at a cocktail party is a sure way to impress friends and strangers, but only Raspberry has bundled tools to actively enhance your socializing experience.

Using voice recognition, WhosIt discretely reminds you of the name of the person you’re talking to. Scan their face and, within 30-35 minutes, HowsIt can tell you what mood they’re in.

Fun and Games
PartyMap locates any celebrity in the room and plots the shortest trip from your position to theirs. Can also be used to avoid publicists.

Reverse engineered from DVD players, BonusTrak provides a running audio commentary on your conversation. Choose between Paul Thomas Anderson or Holly Hunter.

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