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Receiving gifts is fun, but writing the thank-you notes required by etiquette can be a tedious chore. With our Thank-o-matic thank-you note generator you can express gratitude in a fraction of the time, leaving you free to enjoy your new aromatherapy candle or “Precious Moments” ceramic figurine.

Fill in the following fields:

Name of the giftgiver

Your name


1. What is the occasion or reason for the gift?

a. birthday
b. wedding
c. Christmas/Hannukah/other winter holiday
d. guilt over extramarital affair
e. Feast of St. Spyridon
f. Secretary's Day
g. substitute for genuine love

2. Who gave you the gift?
a. parent
b. Secret Santa
c. creepy co-worker who is stalking me

d. sibling, cousin, aunt or uncle
e. Santa Claus
f. friend whom I sleep with occasionally but am not "in love" with

g. mentor
h. bank where I just opened an account

3a. What kind of present is it?
a. clothing (e.g., acrylic sweatshirt with pandas on it)
b. food
c. homemade object

d. gag gift (e.g., Big Mouth Billy Bass)
e. cash, under $20
f. cash, $20

g. cash, over $20

3b. Fill in specific name of gift or exact cash value:

4. If gift was not money, what are you planning to do with the gift?
a. display it on my mantel
b. wear it
c. use it in the kitchen

5. No, what are you really planning to do with it?
a. give it to the Salvation Army
b. trade it for some E
c. destroy it, that never more may the eyes of man behold its monstrousness
d. put it in box in closet, forget about it

6. Was this gift something that the giftgiver received as a gift?
a. yes
b. no

7. If it was re-gifted, how do you know?

a. missing the little iron, dog and deed for Baltic Avenue
b. monogrammed with initials which are not mine
c. bite taken out of it/toothmarks
d. urine stains

8. Is the gift an addition to a themed group of items which you are thought to be collecting because years ago someone gave one to you as a joke and now everyone thinks you're collecting these items but you aren't and don't want another one?
a. yes
b. no

9. How was the gift presented?
a. wrapped up with a bow
b. thrown through window spraying broken glass all over
c. just sitting there, didn't seem to belong to anyone


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