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LIKE MOST OF YOU, we at Modern Humorist wanted to buy George W. something nice for his inauguration. We thought about sending flowers, a pair of bronzed cowboy boots or a keg of O'Doul's, but then we thought, maybe there's something special that W. really wants. To find out, we searched for his Wish List. When we discovered that he didn't have one, we thought that was a shame. So we went ahead and made one for him. While we were at it, we created Wish Lists for Dick Cheney and Laura Bush too.

Since we couldn't buy W. everything on his list, we e-mailed a few other folks we thought might be able to help. Apparently, those folks e-mailed more folks, and before long, Amazon noticed that lots and lots of customers were searching for George W. Bush's Wish List. And apparently, there's some kind of rule against creating a Wish List for somebody without their permission, even if it's stuff they obviously would love to have. Within half a day, Amazon removed our lists from their site, leaving gift-givers bereft of guidance.

In case you didn't get to see the original lists—and if you're still looking for an appropriate gift—we've recreated them here.

George W. Bush's Wish List

Ricky Martin: One Night Only
Ricky Martin

See the complete list

Laura Bush's Wish List

Laura Ashley Complete Guide to Home Decorating
by Charyn Jones(Editor), Nick Ashley

See the complete list

Dick Cheney's Wish List

Untamed Heart
Christian Slater

See the complete list


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