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“The CIA fired four employees and reprimanded 18 others for participating in a secret chat room created in the spy agency's classified computer system to exchange jokes and gossip.”

(jamesbond37, topspook, licenstokill and scully27 are in the room)
jamesbond37: hello all
topspook: hi james
scully27: hi jams
(spyvsspy enters the room)
spyvsspy: hi everone
licenstokill: spyvsspy whasssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuup?
spyvsspy: licens you do not have security clearance to know whasssuuup <g>
spyvsspy: that is on a need to know basis :)
(puppetgovmaker enters the room)
licenstokill: **jabs spyvsspy with poison tipped umbrella**
topspook: hi pup
spyvsspy: ow ow ow lol
puppetgovmaker: hi everyone
scully27: i was just in the copy room
scully27: the fax mahcine is broken...AGAIN
puppetgovmaker: licens how ru?
topspook: scully well that’s management for you
spyvsspy: **puts LSD in licens’coffee**
topspook: spend millions to train south american death squads but can’t afford $100 for a new fax machine
scully27: lol you said it spook
jamesbond37: rofl spook
licenstokill: hey spy i don’t drink coffee ha ha ha
scully27: and btw could they rent a little more storage space
scully27: because i’m tripping over these boxes of florida ballots every time i turn around :(
topspook: james how is yr project going
jamesbond37: ok...u know, mind control...brain implants...boring
puppetgovmaker: btw anyone seen the 3 hole punch
scully27: puppet i saw the 3 hole punch in the alien autopsy rm
scully27: its on top of a box labeled jfk assassntn orders
topspook: james at least you’re not on flight 800 coverup duty
jamesbond37: yeah
topspook: what are the guys in section 14 working on
jamesbond37: section 14 working? must be joking
topspook: james come on, 14’s not that bad
jamesbond37: they did a good job with the crack epidemic in the 80s but what have they done since then??
topspook: hee hee you’re so right jamess!!!!
jamesbond37: meanwhile repressive brutal right-wing dictators don’t install themselves ya know
spyvsspy: ooh i have some good sect 14 gossip
topspook: tell tell!
jamesbond37: what did they do now
spyvsspy: george is going nuts because SOMEONE parked next to one of the black helicpters and opened their door into it and scratched it
topspook: lol your kidding
spyvsspy: they’re making sect 14 investigate it
jamesbond37: typical
topspook: that sucks
(superhacker has entered the room)
superhacker: hi everybody hows it going
spyvsspy: oh no
jamesbond37: kevin get out of here
superhacker: so what projects are you all working on?
topspook: piss off mitnick
scully27: go away kevin
licenstokill: get out of here kevin i mean it
superhacker: how did you know it was me
scully27: duh
jamesbond37: we can tell
puppetgovmaker: get out of here kevin
superhacker: ok ok...jeez...lighten up
(SkullAndBoness33 has entered the room)
SkullAndBoness33: hi guys
topspook: hi
SkullAndBoness33: don’t you all have work to do?
(topspook has left the room)
(jamesbond37 has left the room)
(puppetgovmaker has left the room)
(scully27 has left the room)
(licenstokill has left the room)
SkullAndBoness33: you too, mitnick
(superhacker has left the room)

As seen in the March issue of Yahoo! Internet Life

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