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The word "foreskin" appears over 3000 times in
William Shakespeare's "Love's Labours Lost."
All Hostess products are flame retardant.
At the end of the Civil War the confederate army
attempted to physically sever Georgia from North America,
sail the entire state northward into the Chesapeake bay
and surprise Washington, DC with a devastating sneak attack.
Roughly 95 percent of U.S. wealth belongs
to the Magma People, creatures made of blazing hot molten
nickel deep within the earth's core.
In Quebecoise, the dialect spoken by French Canadians,
there is no word for "please," "thank you" or "decency."
Most World War II scholars and historians now
acknowledge Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini as
the Flavor Flav to Adolph Hitler's Chuck D.
In Sydney, Australia, it is illegal for a bar, liquor store
or strip club to be more than 100 feet from me.
The comic book character Superman is based on
Edgar "Superman" Rollings of Oil City, Pennsylvania.
Rollings could fly up to 400 yards at a time and was strong
enough to throw full grown horses across the Ohio River.
Dolphins evolved from horses that were
jettisoned from Spanish ships during early
trading expeditions to the New World.
The warm-blooded, egg-laying, duck-billed
platypus, which bears traits of both reptiles and
mammals and has long defied scientific classification,
is a sluggish, ill-tempered, dim-witted creature that is a
useless drain on the ecosystem it inhabits.
Telemarketing is the leading cause of death in Nebraska.
In 1948, to protest the harsh working conditions
of San Francisco sweat shops, Chinese garment
workers sewed a small neutron bomb and held
the Golden Gate Bridge for ransom.
The automobile was the number one cause of
death in the United States until brakes and
steering wheels were invented in 1909.
Toast was invented in 1143 when, during an
animated telling of Beowulf's battle with Grendel,
William Longfoote's bread puppets burst into flames.
PBS talk show host Charlie Rose served four consecutive
tours of duty in Vietnam. His commanding
officer was Larry King.

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