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The CD Box Set of the Year!

This brand new box set from Grand Funk Railroad contains their previous box set — last year's "30 Years of Funk" — in a significantly larger box. Other highlights include:

Liner notes booklet featuring detailed information on the making of the prior liner notes booklet, in a slim, attractive box.
The phrase “Puttin’ the FUN in FUNK” appears a guaranteed seven times on the boxed certificate of authenticity.
Special bonus CD containing nine identical versions of “We’re An American Band,” in its own box.
CD single of slightly different version of “We’re An American Band” (hint: maracas) in the same box.
Rare studio demo of “Some Kind Of Wonderful” when it was still titled “Some Kinda Wonderful.” In a box.
Alternate cover art for the album “E Pluribus Funk,” printed on the outside of a box.
Boxed collection of maps and directions to the homes of all the members of Grand Funk Railroad, including information about when they are usually home and where they shop for boxes.
Digital box remastering.
Seven spare boxes in a limited edition Currier and Ives lithograph collector's tin.*


  *Tin not available in all areas. May be substituted with a box.

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