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LONG SPOKEN OF in hushed tones by geeks, network executives and elves, NBC’s 1978 "Lord of the Rings" holiday special has been rediscovered. Just as an ancient prophecy predicted, a bootleg copy has become available on eBay. Whosoever possesses the bootleg tape possesses the power to rule all of hardcore fandom. But there’s a catch: The tape also causes its possessor to lose the ironic distance required to wield the tape wisely. Before it’s too late, we figured we’d share these screen grabs.

The plot of "Frodo Baggins’s Holiday Fun Time Sing-Song Hour" follows the Hobbits coming together to celebrate "Ring Day" after a fierce battle with the dark lord Sauron's troops. Here the gang toasts marshmallows and swaps war stories with special guest Hobbit "Dorfo Baggins" (Tim Conway).

Art Carney explains the importance of "Ring Day" to the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins.

The infamous rendition of "Silver Bells" by Bing Crosby, rocker David Bowie and Gandalf the Gray, a wizard.

The Hobbits groove to the tunes of musical guest Three Dog Night.

Frodo tells Bea Arthur that he has misplaced the One Ring. Arthur replies, "Just like men. Always asking for directions and losing the source of all elven power in the universe."

Legolas Greenleaf proves that he is the finest two-stepper in all of Middle Earth.

Strider teaches Dorfo a song, "The Twelve Days of Ring Day."

"Seven dragons hoarding / Six wraiths a-slaying / One gold-en ring! To bind them in the darkness!"

The gang wishes us a merry Ring Day followed by a group sing-along of "The Return of We Three Kings."

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