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ABC CLAIMS that "The Chamber," a Fox game show that subjects contestants to extreme conditions as they answer questions, is based on their show "The Chair," in which contestants are subjected to extreme conditions, including the presence of former tennis star John McEnroe. Alas, Fox is not the only network to have blatantly swiped the idea.

The Loveseat (NBC)
Contestants on this game show recline in a rather comfortable fold-out loveseat and grapple with questions about everything from literature to history to American history. Challenging, right? Well, just try and answer those questions while hosts Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis sloppily make out right in front of you!

The Bunk Bed (CBS)
The contestant lies face up on the bottom bunk of a tiny, dorm-style bunk bed. Host Andre Agassi lies face up in the top bunk while staring forlornly at the ceiling and occasionally weeping. In round two, he fires off a barrage of questions such as: "Would it kill me to get my head back in the game?" "Can I make this thing with Steffi work out, or am I just going to blow it again?" "Do you ever think about how you’re going to die?" "The media are a bunch of filthy jackals. You hear me? Jackals!" The show ends with a bonus round entitled "Tell me why I shouldn’t just kill us both."

The Spinning Desk Chair (WB)
Contestants answer questions as they are violently spun around and around on a well-oiled desk chair by Venus and Serena Williams.

Pete Sampras’s Lap (TNT)
Contestants are invited to sit on the lap of tennis great Pete Sampras while he sits on an old recliner. Questions are asked as Sampras runs his fingers along the contestant’s inner thigh. The effect is intoxicating.

The Plastic-Encased Sofa (PBS)
Contestants sit in the living room of seventy-seven year-old tennis legend Budge Patty on a sofa kept in pristine condition by a clear plastic cover. Patty regales the contestants with semi-interesting stories about his glory days on the court. Also, the war. Questions only cause Patty to lose his train of thought and are discouraged.

The Dentist Chair with Evonne Goolagong Cawley (Lifetime)
Nicknamed "Sunshine Supergirl," Tennis Hall of Famer Evonne Goolagong Cawley was renowned for her gracious manner on the court. In this show, contestants answer questions while seated in a dentist chair and undergoing a gum scaling procedure without anesthetic. Cawley sits next to the contestant, holding his hand, speaking softly and occasionally singing to calm him. She whispers, "I can bring the pleasure, or I can bring the pain. What is the capital of Portugal?"

Other shows on the drawing board:

The Bean Bag Chair with Jennifer Capriati
Bench in a Mexican Jail Cell with Monica Seles
The Back Seat of My Car with Croatia’s
Olympic Tennis Standout Ivan Ljubicic
The Chamber of Secrets with Virginia Wade
The Floor of the Closet in My Basement Where
I Keep All the Porno with Pancho Segura
The Captain’s Seat of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier with Kim Clijsters

A Shallow Grave with Billie Jean King

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