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May was a big month for television reunions as the casts of "The Cosby Show," "M*A*S*H," "Mary Tyler Moore," "That’s Incredible" and other programs came together to share fond memories and introduce beloved clip montages. Here are a few other special moments your TiVo failed to catch.
The cast of "It’s the Garry Shandling Show" got together recently to tape a reunion special. Everyone was there, except lone holdout Garry Shandling.
Tom Wopat ran into this former "Dukes of Hazzard" co-star James Best in a restaurant on Melrose last week. Wopat said it was funny that Best’s character Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane never did catch the Duke Boys. Best replied that, yes, it was funny and snapped a pair of novelty handcuffs on Wopat and told him that he was under arrest for "reckless driving and general causin’ of ruckus." Wopat broke free from the handcuffs and asked Best if he was okay. Best said that his wife had just left him, and he was considering seeking counseling. Wopat said that was probably a good idea and recommended a good therapist in the Valley.
Ironically, the stars of FOX’s "Women in Prison" were all reunited last month in cellblock 3-P of the Los Angeles County Penitentiary.
One night last April, Bob Uecker was up late watching TV when he happened across "The Producers" on AMC. He watched contentedly until he came to a scene with Christopher Hewitt, his co-star for five seasons on "Mr. Belvedere." Uecker took a long swig of his gin and the tears came. Finally, he could cry.
Last Thursday Richard Dean Anderson found himself locked in the men’s room of a sushi restaurant in Santa Monica. Anderson quickly "reunited" himself with his MacGyver training and attempted to pick the lock using only a paperclip, a Trojan condom procured from the men’s room dispenser, and an empty Tic Tac box. Half an hour later a washroom attendant, alerted to Anderson’s cries for help, unlocked the door. Noticing Anderson’s make-shift means of escape, the attendant sarcastically remarked "Nice work, MacGyver" before restocking the paper towels.
On a fan fiction Web site, long lost fraternal twin brothers Simon & Simon Thompson were reunited thanks to the tireless efforts of the P.I. firm of Hardcastle and McCormick.
Recently while in a deep REM sleep, Jan Michael-Vincent dreamed of piloting Airwolf one last time. As he soared through the clouds, his finger on the trigger of the air-to-ground missiles, he remembered what it felt like to be alive.
Andrea Elson and Benji Gregory, who played brother and sister on "Alf," ran into each other last week at a produce market on Ventura Boulevard. After catching up for a while, the conversation turned to the good old days. Gregory said that during the run of the show, he had always wondered why the on-screen Alf was so interested in eating the pet cat, while the off-camera Alf was only interested in consuming prescription pain killers.
The "Baretta" reunion special was canceled for obvious reasons. (Fred, the cockatoo, was unavailable.)
The cast of "Cheers" finally reunited last week at 10 p.m. (9 p.m. CT) on Nick at Nite. And then again at 10:30 p.m.. And then a third time on a syndicated episode of "Frasier" at 12 a.m. And, finally on a rerun at 1 a.m. of the 10 p.m. "Cheers."

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