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Fall 2000 TV Schedule

This week the networks announced their schedules for the new fall season, the most exciting lineup since last fall. Here are the highlights:

Now, Again and Another Time (CBS, Saturday, 10 p.m.) In this spin-off of the popular CBS drama "Now and Again," the genetically enhanced Michael Wiseman is badly maimed and can only be saved if his brain is placed in the engine of a Black Hawk assault helicopter used for dangerous government missions. Despite his amazing resurrection, he is still haunted by the knowledge that he can never see his wife and daughter or in any other way utilize his visual cortex again.

Who Wants to Remain a Millionaire? (CBS, hourly) Hoping to emulate the moderate success of ABC’s similarly titled program, CBS will offer millionaire contestants the chance to keep everything.

Big Sister
(CBS, Wednesday, 8 p.m.) She's older than you, she's stronger than you and, thanks to the latest surveillance technology, she can now criticize every single move you make. Ten children between the ages of five and eleven have been selected to share a bedroom (and a bathroom!) with Melissa, a thirteen-year-old who's not handling puberty well. Each week viewers will vote to eliminate the younger sibling who cries the most.

Being John Ritter (WB, Monday, 9:30 p.m.) Spike Jonze's surreal masterpiece arrives on the small screen. An ambitious puppeteer enters the head of a world famous actor for financial gain and romantic adventure. Despite some minor budgetary concessions, this dark situation comedy is essentially the same offbeat, quirky trip you remember from the movie this past fall. Trust us. Yup, nothing different here. Well, gotta run.

Stark Raving Mad (Fox, Thursday, 9:30 p.m.) This program gets another crack at primetime on a different network. New gimmick #1: All characters address the camera at various points in the show, often simultaneously. New gimmick #2: Neil Patrick Harris is given the opportunity to win a million dollars at the end of each show. New gimmick #3: If he loses, he is shot.

MTV Undercover (MTV, Saturday, 2 p.m.) MTV cameras follow three Ohio State sophomores to sunny Panama City, Florida, as they take a week off from classes to infiltrate the Cuban mob and expose a car-stripping ring. As they gain the confidence of the crime syndicate's top bosses, Sandra goes parasailing for the first time and Brooke wins a free t-shirt by doing a tequila shot from Julie's cleavage.

Dabney Coleman Gets His Own Show (UPN, Friday, 10 p.m.) Remember "Madman of the People," "Drexell's Class" or "The Slap Maxwell Story"? Neither does UPN. This time, Dabney Coleman plays an ornery bigot with a short fuse. Nathan Lane, Gloria Steinem and Yaphet Kotto co-star as one-dimensional foils.

The Race of Your Life (ABC, Thursday, 9 p.m.): The race is on! Who will be faster? Who will receive the billions (yes, billions) of dollars in prize money awarded to the victor? How will your own life be affected by the outcome of this high-stakes all-or-nothing sprint to sequence the human genome? These questions and millions more will hopefully be answered by one of two biotech firms whose stock valuations are currently in the toilet.

The West Wing: Special Victims Unit (NBC, Tuesday, 8 p.m.) The White House is under siege—by sexual predators! And only President Bartlet’s top staff members have the quick wit, liberal conscience and elliptical dialogue to bring them to justice. But when Sam goes undercover and videotapes himself having coked-up sex with two teenagers, has he gotten too close?

We've Got Your Daughter (NBC, Thursday, 8 p.m.) NBC has your daughter. All you need to do to get her back is come home to Must See TV on Thursday. There you will receive further instructions. Don't try anything funny. (It's cool to tell the police to watch.)

That '70s Show (Fox, Monday, 8 p.m.) Eric’s cousin, a photojournalist living in Cambodia, is immolated by Khmer Rouge forces during an anti-American protest. How will Eric cope? With the biting sarcasm and ironic wit characteristic of today’s youth. Also, Fez buys a new lava lamp and attends a SALT II conference.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch (WB, Friday, 9 p.m.) Sabrina celebrates her 18th birthday in style—getting her very own credit card and proclaiming her sexual awakening in soft-porn spreads for such publications as Maxim, Gear, Stuff, FHM U.S., FHM U.K. and Fast Company.

Dateline NBC (NBC, Wednesday, 10 p.m.) In an undercover investigation, Dateline learns that people steal from one another. Is your family at risk? A celebrity gives a tour of his home and reveals that his personal life is pleasant.

(NBC, Thursday, 8:30 p.m.) Don’t say you've seen this before: single dad assumes responsibility for raising kids when wife dies. Or are they divorced? Or is she a working mom? Or is she an alien entity stored in a glass jar? We don't know either, but will it really matter as you watch this big, dumb, loveable guy try to get on the Internet for the first time? (We told you it was different.)

Felicity (WB, Wednesday, 9 p.m.) Felicity takes time out from worrying about her future, agonizing about love, and engaging in campus activism to examine a little-known facet of college life: writing a paper. It is a good paper, though not her best work—an initial rough outline certainly would have helped organize her thoughts. Her conclusion is concise but is too much "tell me," not enough "show me." Deep down, she knows a few more primary documents would have bolstered her argument.

Check out our coverage of the
Fall 2000 TV Schedule

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