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We know about movies like "Collateral Damage," that were scheduled for release but were pulled because of 9/11, causing major headaches for studios. But what about all the books that were written before 9/11 and then had to be scrapped?
“Giuliani: Why He Could Never Handle a Huge Crisis”
“Our Fear-Free, Pampered, Celebrity-Obsessed, Self-Indulgent, Insular American World: Why It Will Go On Like This Forever”
“Carry On: It's Time To Stop All This Unnecessary Airport Security”
“Religious Fundamentalism: The Last Best Hope to Bring Peace to the World”
“Mommy, I Feel Too Safe: How to Raise Children in a Boring World”

“Hosed: Are Firemen Really All That Brave, Or Is It Just a Bunch Of Hype?”
“How to Find a Great Name for Your Speed-Metal Band, by Joey Belladonna of Anthrax”
“‘Jihad’? Wasn't She On ‘Moesha’?: 100 Hilarious Jokes About Americans’ Ignorance of World Affairs and Other Cultures”

“The Death of CNN: Why The All-News Format Failed”
“Stem Cell Research: George W. Bush's defining moment”
“How to Look Afghan”
“Take a Powder!: The kid's guide to de-electronizing finely milled granular substances”

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