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Wikipedia Jones and the
Case of the Missing WMDs

Where did Saddam hide
those weapons, gosh darn it?

Wikipedia Jones and the
Case of the Part-Way Pilot

The Child Sleuth
takes on 9/11.

Dress for Distress

The color-coded terror catalog

The complete guide to 9/11 slang

Bombing with Jai al-Leno
A morale boost from Afghanistan's "Minister of Monologue"

Attention Comedy Readers!
MH institutes new security procedures

Two Thumbs Off!
How the Islamic revolution in Iran can help fix Hollywood

Bombing with Jai al-Leno
Afghanistan's "Minister of Monologue" returns fire

Books cancelled in the wake of 9/11

Send This to Everyone You Know

Very important e-mails making the rounds

Things to Do While Waiting for the World to End

Making the most of your last moments

Bombing with Jai al-Leno

Another salvo from Afghanistan's "Minister of Monologue"

Introducing America's Favorite Monkey!

Primate images to cheer a frightened nation

Honoring Hizzoner

Sir Rudolph Giuliani settles into knighthood

The Arts and Sciences of War

The Emmys adapt to the threat of terrorism

Bombing with Jai al-Leno

More from Afghanistan's "Minister of Monologue"

Meals Ready to "Eat"

Zagat surveys the Afghan food drop

With Times Like These...

How NBC's "Friends" will handle September 11

Big Apple Halloween Super Sale!

Stock up on costumes, respirators

Rough Draft: Osama’s Videotape
Revealed: bin Laden flaunts western watch, beer

Kandahar Har Har
How Afghanistan's late-night comic is handling the attacks

Politically Inconvenient
Ari Fleischer watches what America says

Fortified With Irony

New entertainment guidelines for a changed America

Jerry Falwell's “History of America”

Lessons from our very own fundamentalist cleric


Modern Humorist War Update
Up-to-the-minute reports

Precautions for Handling Mail

The Revolution Will Be Subtitled
Catchphrases for America's old wars

Overheard at the “Tribute to Heroes” Telethon

The Durst Accords
Celebs’ calls for peace

The Fuzzy Menace
Decoding Al Qaeda's subliminal rhetoric

Tonight on Al-Jazeera

The View From Here
An important message to our readers

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