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Subject: Beer tasting

College wraps up in a couple weeks and let's face it - I haven't learned much besides how to drink a lot of beer! The Corona-for-breakfast life is a good one, and I'd like to keep it up if I can. Is there some sort of career in beer tasting (or chugging!)?

Name Withheld (expert in careers)
There actually ARE careers in spririt & beer quality control ans wine and beer-tasting!!!!1!… Soon you'll have a job your friends will hate you for!!!!!! (OR LOVE YOU FOR, when you give them brewery tours and free samples.) I've been to such beer-tasing events and they are FUN!

leolingham (expert in careers)

kkemper (expert in careers)
a; beer consumption done by growing college students [my son and myself for 2 good examples] need never be done recklessly--having beer for breakfast qualifies as reckless to your body.
b; the fact u have admitted to learning nothing and not being remorseful is "either disgraceful or absurd".
There are beer tasting jobs and getting wasted is not part of the skills or the job specs.
In fact, getting wasted is harmful.
I hope you mature sooN!!!!
i know u will not give me 5 stars for this response.

[Note: 5 stars given]

Subject: Euro ladies

I am an American student almost done with college, or "The University" as you call it. I hear touring "the continent" is the thing to do, but I also have some buddies going to Rio. They say the senoritas down there are all foxes and that random sex is cool because of their culture.
How do the Euro ladies stack up? I hate to say this is the only reason for my choosing, but college hasn't been the poonfest I hoped for.

Name Withheld (expert in Europe)
There is no easy answer to that question. If you are like me, and do not look like Brad Pitt, then it takes a bit more work than simply walking into a disco and walking back out with a lady. In that case, you need to budget plenty of time…
Another thing to consider is that being American will make you popular in some countries, but not others. It will not help you in western Europe, but it will in Eastern Europe. I suggest Cracow, in Poland. There is a university there with lots of young, friendly people, and anyway I think Eastern girls are way more beautiful then Western ones, especially Germans.
If you want to have 100% chance of success with 20-year old supermodel-good-looking women, and you don't mind the idea of paying for it, then Macau is the place not to miss. Inside the Holiday Inn is the "Momo Club". You will be utterly in awe of the women you see there, but taking one upstairs for two hours will cost you I think HK$1200…
To summarize, if you are reasonably good-looking, and enjoy beach sports and disco-dancing, I would recommend you go with your friends to Rio. Everyone will be there to party so you have a reasonable chance to score. Getting lucky in Europe will take more time and preparation, unless you go to Mallorca. China/Hong Kong/Macau are another possibility, but you may not like Asian girls.

Name Withheld (expert in hiking & backpacking)
I've travelled Italy, France, Austria, Greece, Holland and Germany. Sampling the local food and women is something I always do. You also have a very good chance of running into American tourists. Look for the backpacks, it's a good indicator. Staying in the pensiones (youth hostel) can be a good thing.
I picked up a nurse from Seattle by helping her on a train in Pisa, Italy. It was fun!
For pure hedonistic fun try Amsterdam. Those Dutch can really lay it on the line. Wear your rubber!
Cafe's and dance clubs are a good way to meet young women. There is a term for some of the continental women, "Euro-Sluts". Look it up on Google or any other search engine.
Stay away from the prostitutes; AIDS is there, too.

commonsense101 (expert in England)
I suspect with your attitude the chances of you getting laid in europe are about 0% or less

FUNFSTERN (expert in Italy)
When I was "at university",I attended a speech given by the famous cartoonist Al Capp. One of the students asked him what he thought of a university that set a curfew for its dormitory students of 11PM on weekdays and 1AM on weekends.
Mr Capp replied that "any guy that can't get lucky by 11PM on a weeknight or 1AM on a weekend doesn't need a couple more hours to make a fool of himself."


It's not how far you travel, it's the "baggage" you carry that either enhances or drags down the journey.
There are wonderful women of all types around the world, it's what they see in you that makes the real difference!

Name Withheld (expert in England)
Not a question a 60 year old lady could answer

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