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Child: Pheron! I am sorry. I seem to be interrupting the process by which you are preparing your dinner.

Pheron: Please do not be sorry. All I would do otherwise is eat in peace undisturbed by nattering children.

Child: Our government has announced that it wishes to attack Sparta!

Pheron: Sparta? By the gods, why?

Child: It appears that they may be have purposefully trained men to be strong in order for military purposes.

Pheron: Oh. Yes. We should attack Sparta.

Child: But, you seemed not to have previously given thought to these men of Sparta before I mentioned them to you.

Pheron: But, if they are training such men, they must be considering destroying our world.

Child: But, what if they are training these men for purposes of defense of their country?

Pheron: Why would they be concerned with that? No one wishes to attack them. Also, as I think further upon it, I also think we must attack this country of Spartans for they are using enriched uranium to create nuclear weapons.

Child: What you have just spoken is very confusing to me, Pheron.

Pheron: Nuclear bombs are a weapon which may destroy millions of people upon the strike of 't.

Child: This sounds far superior to anything I’ve heard of. Can you prove that these soldiers possess such a thing?

Pheron: Of course not. For, they are Spartans. They would hide such a weapon with such effort as it would be near impossible for anyone to observe the weapon itself.

Child: But...uh...

Pheron: Their megalomaniac, macho leader years ago also demanded the expulsion of many of our observers of that country. Thus, he must have something to hide. The only other option would be that his machismo nature was unable to reconcile with these observers from an enemy country telling him what to do. Thus, by process of elimination, this option cannot be the explanation. Therefore, the other option, that he must be hiding something, is true. This something, therefore, must be nuclear arms and men who exercise.

Child: That’s true. You are correct. We should attack. Thank you for showing me this truth.

Pheron: 'kay.

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