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The Cart Before the Horse

Child: I'm sorry, Pheron. I seem to be intruding on some gardening activity of some sort.

Pheron: No. That is not what I'm doing. Is there something of which you wish to discuss?

Child: I saw a very large cart in the front quarters of your property. This cart is so large in fact that it nearly covers your small parcel.

Pheron: That is my new cart.

Child: Why did you purchase it? Did your other cart become to be damaged?

Pheron: No, I felt it was not big enough.

Child: For hauling your...philosophy items?

Pheron: That’s right.

Child: It seems that it was of plenty volume to hold whatever you may have carried.

Pheron: Well, I like to feel that I may see above the other carts. So many of them are so large these days and nights.

Child: But, they wouldn’t be so big if citizens did not keep purchasing big carts.

Pheron: Well, I feel more protected in a big cart.

Child: Does not the bigger cart turn over easier?

Pheron: The bigger cart is very manly.

Child: This I understand. Thank you. You are lit with truth. You are indeed a hero for buying this cart which is too big. Have you horses to pull it?

Pheron: Not as of yet. I cannot afford them.

Child: I must say, I always look forward to our discussions, dear Pheron.


Child: I said, "I always look--"

Pheron: Good bye.

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