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Looking for some qualiTV?? You might be missing some this very moment.
It's available on your broadcast networks. All six!
Kit Chesterton, President
League of Concerned Network Executives

No matter who you are — a minority, an advertising buyer, or a regular person — network television has something for you. The LCNE, comprised of representatives from all six networks, has created to answer three very important questions:

"Where are all the ethnic people like me?"
"Why do all your characters swear like construction workers?"
"Why must every show feature teens who have more sex than I do?"

On this site you'll find answers, not the agenda-driven half-truths of critics and politicians. Believe it or not, network TV features the most diverse, wholesome, uplifting, car-wrecking, bear-attackin', tastefully erotic entertainment your dollar doesn't have to buy. It's there if you look hard enough. Or maybe you aren't using your TV correctly. Are you going to the fridge during commercials? Are you using a so-called "cable box"? Remember, both actions may void the warranty on your set. I'm pleased to announce that our cable box buyback program has gotten hundreds of "boxes" off the street and put antennas in the hands of kids where they belong.

Plus, you'll get a sneak peek at some shows we're developing for mid-season — we've filled them with the minorities you want in the comforting situations you recognize.

Happy viewing, America! You never used to complain, and we're working to make it that way again.

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