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4 Letters Can’t anyone
help me?

76 From the Archive: Wall Street, Nov. 1929 (doesn’t look so bad now, does it?)


7 After GE Jack welches on his car payments.

8 Negotiation Skills How to ask for a quarter and get a dollar.

9 As Tasty as Taco Bell, And More Affordable Drop the chalupa, eat the Chihuahua.

9 Avon or Mary Kay? Gerry Laybourne’s toughest choice yet.

11 Special MISFORTUNE Contest Win Larry Ellison.

13 Are We in for an Oil Shock? First let’s feed our children, then we’ll figure that out.

14 Holy Bottom Line
How belief in the afterlife is helping some numb the pain.

16 What’s Green and Plentiful? The money you once had.

19 Bing! How about that Nash Bridges! Fridays at 10 on CBS. by STANLEY BING

21 "Homeless people are harder to ignore,
now that they're folks we actually know."

Cover Story

21 The Fortune 5
Depression, defeatism, despair… “Bring it on!” say the last successful companies in America. Meeting the needs of a post-crash nation spelled over $1 million in revenues for Seagrams, Philip Morris, OTB, The Salvation Army and Nestlé’s newly spun-off Alpo Corp.

27 Cornering The Market
The D.O.J.’s new antitrust demand: If Bill Gates wants to keep selling pencils on the street corner, he’ll have to unbundle the erasers.

31 Inside Wal-Mart
They used to run it, now they shop at it.

36 Making Dough
Behind the scenes of America’s top 10 bread lines.

39 B2B: The Bezos-Buffett Dialogue
Two legends take time out from rat-catching to sit down with MISFORTUNE and discuss everything from making clothing out of fabric-softener sheets to assuaging their gnawing sense of hopelessness. (Their secret? Heroin!)

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