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1976-1977: "Do it the same way, but different"

Mary Reynolds ("Princess Lara"): I had done exactly one movie. Mitch Hamlin, he was just a kid, he hadn't done any. Michaelson was hot off of "Memory Lane," but "Star Saga" was still only his third feature. So basically, none of us knew how to act. But it worked out, because Jim didn't know how to direct.

Mitch Hamlin ("Bo Skystunner"): Jim is a great director, but he's not an actor's director. He's more a scale model in front of blue screen's director. His direction was always something like, "Do it the same way, but different." I loved my character, but I know certain people had problems, especially with the dialogue.

Michaelson Shane ("Mann Loner"): Thank you for asking me to participate in this project. I have very fond memories of working with Jim Loomis and the cast and crew of "Star Saga." My affection for these people and the three wonderful movies we made together remains undiminished, even after all the many, many popular and critically acclaimed films I have starred in over the years.

Exclusive! See a page from the script with Michaelson Shane's notes

Stephen Spiegelman (director, "Teeth," "Plunderers of the Secret Tomb"): Jim is what I'd call an historically aware filmmaker. I don't know why people feel compelled to throw around words like derivative. So much of "Star Saga" is his tribute, sometimes shot-for-shot, to the films that he loved, and that had already proven successful. If you look closely at the climactic laser knife fight, you can see the influence of "West Side Story."

The climactic laser knife fight was a shot-for-shot tribute to “West Side Story.”
Mariah Loomis (Jim Loomis' first wife): The first test screening almost killed "Star Saga." When it was over, no one spoke for a long time. No one would look at Jim.

Byron LaDonna (director, "Killer in Drag," "Twin Bodies"): I said something like, "Jesus, Jim. If you're going to rip off other movies, make it Hitchcock, not this kiddie shit."

Mariah Loomis: Finally Stephen says, "None of you get it—this is going to make a fortune. It's like 'Flash Gordon' in outer space!" I thought "Flash Gordon" was in outer space.

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