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1979-1984: "Just bring me a fucking Sharpie"

Terence Kaplan (screenwriter, "Star Saga, Episode IV: The Coalition Reasserts Itself"): Loomis was much more hands-off on the second film—my impression was that he was more interested in the ancillary. At the time we definitely wanted more involvement from him, but you know, many fans consider the second film the best one of the series. That's just interesting, is all.

Michaelson Shane: My affection for these...movies [including "The Coalition Reasserts Itself"] remains undiminished.

Mitch Hamlin: Because of the schedule, I actually had to choose between "The Coalition Reasserts Itself" and "Chevy Springtime 2." It wasn't much of a choice. Now, ironically, I can't get anyone interested in "Chevy Springtime 2."

Jimmy-Ray Thompson ("Bilbo Corinthian"): Indubitably, I brought some soul and color to the "Star Saga" universe. Bilbo brought a suaveness and romantic fire to a previously cold, loveless place.

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Mary Reynolds: I wish I could tell you more about shooting the second film. It's just all so hazy.

Mariah Loomis: Writing the third film, "Here Come The Jengae," was quite difficult for Jim. He locked himself in his study for a week and couldn't come up with anything. Finally he emerged bleary-eyed one evening and said, "Just bring me the script to the first movie and a fucking Sharpie." An hour later, he had the new story finished.

Mary Reynolds: During the '84 presidential campaign, I was watching TV and all of a sudden I could have sworn I heard Ronald Reagan talking about "Star Saga." That's when I went into rehab seriously. Later I learned that he really did have a military program that was being called "Star Saga," so I checked myself out and binged for a week.

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