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1977-1978: Interstellar boogie

Jim Loomis: I just wanted to make an old-fashioned, moral film. Something that would say to kids, this is right, and this is wrong, and you can reinforce that message at home with six-inch action figures.

Alvin Kidd Jr.: Do I regret that we offered Jim all merchandising rights in exchange for exclusive Betamax distribution? That's a stupid question.

Sir Arthur Bass ("Sven Wasabi"): I did receive a jot of good-natured ribbing from Olivier in particular—he would insinuate that the little dolls they made of my character emoted better than I did in the film. Of course there was a rationale for my low-key approach: I was hoping against hope no one would notice I was in this bloody awful movie. But I suppose I did get the last laugh, after all—I mean, I've got a 22-room mansion in the Hills with a 180-degree view of the city, and what's Larry got? Some gloomy chateau in Southern England? Plus, he's dead.
[Editor's note: Sir Arthur died shortly after this interview.]

Mary Reynolds: I remember one night at Studio, I was coked to the gills dancing with Truman and Andy when I hear what sounds like the "Star Saga" themebut disco. I thought to myself, Jesus, I must be really fucked up. Then I realized it was the "Star Saga" theme! I thought, thank God I'm fucked up.

Keempo (Greek session musician, composer, "Star Saga and Other Interstellar B.O.O.G.I.E."): I am making disco songs in the early 1978, some producer come to me, say to make disco record from "Star Saga" song. Hand me bag of cocaine, four hours later we have record. No contract. No money. Fucking sons of whores.

Hear an excerpt from
Star Saga Boogie

Mitch Hamlin: That whole year was out of control. It was months before the toys came out. I think they just forgot to make them. But then all of a sudden there were action figures, pajamas, plastic laser knives, breakfast cereal. I loved it, but some of the others were put off by the commercialism.

Michaelson Shane: I have very fond memories of working with Jim Loomis and the cast and crew of Star Saga.

Mary Reynolds: Was it too much? In hindsight, the 1978 holiday special was a bad idea. I don't remember why I agreed to it. But then I don't remember making it either.

Paul Manson ("Fentashka"): I know the holiday special was a disappointment to some of the others, but for me as an actor, it was a high point. I always felt that Fentashka was one-dimensional in the movies. But the TV special, with nearly half an hour of Woofie grunting with no subtitles, really allowed me to stretch.

Jim Loomis: There was no holiday special.

Music: Tritter & Hays

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